Richard (1)

20191194 00171 Memories, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Brother, But he's invincible. He's my brother. "In hospital" his wife said. No. Mistaken identity. "A cerebral hemorrhage" Impossible. She's talking about someone else. He's the one who led the expedition To get the Hooded Crow's egg. He rowed upstream in the boat, There were three or four of us, I forget which. We moored the boat and set off over the field. The nest was aloft a tall Willow. Richard was elected to climb the tree. It wasn't easy. We held our breath. He reached the nest and found four eggs. He took just [...]

Taking Care Of The Grandkids For The Weekend

20191031 001067 3 minutes Grandchildren, Witches, Magic, Dogs, Walking in the woods, My grandkids are varied in size, color and species: Furry with tails and four long legs, Feathered with wings and beautiful voices Four winged and colorful that hatched from eggs. Today ‘twas the four legged ‘n’ furry variety They’re boisterous and large and full of fun. They exclude my spaniel from their society, Cos they’re more than scared of my little one. When we go for a walk in the woods The sign says “Witches’ Spring Trail” As they hide in their long black hoods I hear their [...]

Cookbooks (1)

20191031 00166 11 minutes Cookbooks, History of Cookbooks, Recipes Cooking, cookery, cookbooks, recipe books. Have you ever wondered why we now have shelves of cookbooks, but can't cook, while our grandmothers had no cookbooks but were marvellous cooks? Recognizable cooking has been in existence for thousands of years. It has evolved from the basic open fire meat, porridge and flat bread cookery of the nomads through the electric and microwave convenience cooking of today. Through the generations, recipes for most of this period were handed down from mother to daughter. Few printed cookbooks were produced until the twentieth century. Now [...]

The River (or The Way It Was)

2011031 001065 2 minutes River, Burn Out, Office Frustration, Lunch Hour, It’s lunchtime and she had to get out of the office. In the lunchroom they watched the “Soaps.” Frustrated and seething, tense and tied up in knots, if she didn’t escape, she’d explode. She felt guilty and ashamed that she couldn’t handle it better. In the car the music started to calm her down. The Park, at last. Not too many people today. Her usual table welcomed her, away from the crowd. Under the trees and by the water she started to relax. The water, how soothing it was. [...]

“And Not Make Dreams Your Master” Rudyard Kipling

20191027 001064 6 minutes Dreams, “out on a limb,” push the envelope This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have dreams, or that you shouldn’t believe in them. Never let anyone steal your dreams. Thoreau said it well: “Maybe he marches to a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.” Dreams can be for the future or memories of the past. Yesterday morning we were luxuriating in wonderful Fall colors, with a clear blue sky and the sun shining. The day was one that memories are made of. It was the peak [...]