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River, Burn Out, Office Frustration, Lunch Hour,

It’s lunchtime and she had to get out of the office. In the lunchroom they watched the “Soaps.” Frustrated and seething, tense and tied up in knots, if she didn’t escape, she’d explode. She felt guilty and ashamed that she couldn’t handle it better.

In the car the music started to calm her down.

The Park, at last. Not too many people today.

Her usual table welcomed her, away from the crowd. Under the trees and by the water she started to relax.

The water, how soothing it was. Calm and peaceful. But whatever its mood, it worked its magic.

She felt the tension releasing. She thought she must have been a fish in a previous incarnation. Water, whatever the circumstances, always worked its magic, even if only taking a long, hot tub. Something to do with connecting with the river and the sea, with its endless motion – sometimes calm, sometimes tumultuous, but always rejuvenating.

The river joined her back to our Mother the Sea, and she was re-energized – ready to face another afternoon of Hell.