20191106 00173 2-1/2 minutes
Children’s Poetry, Angels, Dirty Clouds

The clouds have been outside making mudpies
They were playing nicely, keeping themselves clean.
Then, like naughty little boys they started throwing them
Hitting each other and making such a scene.

The black clouds that we see should be a warning
Of what is going to happen to us next.
The head angel is going to throw a party
She has become extraordinarily vexed.

It’s her responsibility to keep the clouds clean
They usually try to heed her rules
But sometimes her instructions get forgotten
And they revert to being naughty little boys.

The party will be a laundry party
All the little angels have to come.
They’re going to wash the clouds to clean them
And while they’re doing it they’ll have lots of fun.

While they do the laundry they aren’t careful
They slosh the water while they wash and scrub
Precipitation overflows their washtub
Which makes them laugh, they think that’s such fun.

The clouds take quite a while to get all cleaned up
They just use elbow grease, no bleach involved.
They ring the water from the dirty vapors
Then shake them to produce for us more squalls.

Other angels try to give them more space
They ride the furniture as if on bumper cars
They careen around and charge into each other
Which accounts for all the mighty thunderous peels.

Then, of course, they have to have some fireworks.
How could they end the party otherwise?
They provide us with lots of pretty lightening
To show off their pyrotechnic powers.

But while they’re putting back the furniture
When the clouds are clean and gleaming white again
Sometimes they still bump into each other
But with fenders they won’t get marked at all.

They shake the clouds out now that they’re all cleaned up
Hang them out so the sun can make them dry
The wind will blow them back into their closets
So we end up with another clear blue sky.