20191118 001076 2 minutes
Puppies, Affectionate Cats,

Itchy feet and wiggly body
Wagging tail and twitching nose
Ears pricked for squeaks and scuffles
Eyes alert, tense pose.

George, the cat, affectionate but lonely.
Mimi wants him on toast for tea.
He tries to snuggle and walks beneath her
But doesn’t appreciate how dangerous that be.

The leash is tight and holds her close.
The desired quarry is beyond her reach.
She quivers with anticipation
Is deaf and blind to my beseech.

The calm of the compound is shattered.
Summer has ended; Fall’s sojourn is fleet.
We know about the East and West,
And that the twain shall never meet.

This time it’s the dogs and cats
Who are the twain never to meet.
But how to keep them apart and warm
With Jack Frosts’ fingers scratching my feet?

When the dogs and I walk in the woods
George stalks us from much too near.
He wants companionship, he’s a friendly fella
But George alerts the Orion in her.

The wiggly one is poised for attack.
The affectionate one doesn’t want to roam.
A muzzle is needed to keep him safe
Another alternative would be a new home.