Camping (2)

20191027 001063 11 minutes Camping 9/11 Peter Potts After their experience with the hurricane,Julia had looked at the other tent sites to see which ones best withstood the extremes of weather. They were using an umbrella tent, with a fly to keep off the water. The tents that handled the storm best were the old fashioned ones, with metal legs. So at the end of the season, Julia looked for a year-end close-out sale and bought a new tent with metal poles. It was very cheap and didn’t have a fly, so the next year, when bad weather was forecast, [...]


20191024 001062 10 minutes Camping, Memories, Princess Di’s Funeral, Skunk, Hurricane, Gilded Age Summer “Cottages”, Sitting, eating round the campfire, reminiscing over a bottle of wine, watching the stars come up and the moon reflecting on the water…... It was their tenth anniversary at the campsite, and Julia’s seventieth birthday weekend, so celebration was in the air but that was not all that was in the air! For their first tentative endeavor at camping Julia and her daughter, Peggy, wanted to be near water, where there was something interesting to see in the area. There had been a TV program [...]

The Old Black Bridge

The Old Black Bridge Hemingford Abbots. 20191022 001061 5 minutes Country life, Memories, Wooden Bridges, Bailey Bridge, Trains The old black bridge crossed the river From the lane which ran past the side of our garden. It was a romantic old bridge, With big wooden supports and planks. Big and sturdy, at least to a small child. When I was five years old My mother’s helper took me to the river, Strictly against parental orders. We were on vacation from London, Staying at the village Axe and Compass Inn. She went down the steps to the landing Where the punt [...]

If It Can Go Wrong…

20191020 00160 11 minutes Murphy’s Law, Parkinson’s Law, Country Life, Winter, Snow Plowing As the saying goes, it will. I’m told that is Murphy’s law, but I know it as Parkinson’s. For the last three years I have shoveled my driveway. The several plow people did such rotten jobs and caused so many problems, which I had always had to shovel and clean up afterwards anyway, that I decided it wasn’t worth the money or stress. Before the first big storm, this year, my daughter informed me, in no uncertain terms, that I must NOT shovel any more. I was [...]

Dear Abbey

This is a letter written years ago, but never sent. 20191020 001059 8 minutes Dyslexia, Clutterbug, Left-handed, Social Mores, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." Dear Abbey August 12, 2013 Dear Ms. Phillips, Your “Dear Abbey” answer to “Embarrassed in Pennsylvania” on Sunday, 8/11/13, in the Times Herald Record, finally got under my skin enough for me to write to you, and I wanted to put in my two cents-worth on behalf of the “Martha Stewart Doesn’t Live Here” contingent. Usually I agree with “Abbey’s” comments. You give commonsense advice for handling tricky social situations. However, this subject has been simmering [...]