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Memories, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Brother,

But he’s invincible.
He’s my brother.

“In hospital” his wife said.
Mistaken identity.
“A cerebral hemorrhage”
She’s talking about someone else.

He’s the one who led the expedition
To get the Hooded Crow’s egg.

He rowed upstream in the boat,
There were three or four of us, I forget which.
We moored the boat and set off over the field.
The nest was aloft a tall Willow.

Richard was elected to climb the tree.
It wasn’t easy. We held our breath.
He reached the nest and found four eggs.
He took just one. Very carefully
He climbed down with the precious egg.

We never wore shoes,
Except under duress,
It was summer time.
We had to find a safe place to stow the egg.
My sandal was selected.

He rowed home. We moored the boat
We had to return to reality.
I put on my sandals. Squoulch.

The next day we returned.
I was not popular.
We could only take one more egg.
We had to leave at least two.
He climbed the tree.
He found the egg.
It was put in my sandal.

We returned home.
I put on my sandals. Again.
I have never forgotten.

That was many years ago.
Now he’s in the hospital.
My Leader. The Invincible One.