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20190902 00111 ?Magic..Not really. 2 minutes.

I believe in Unicorns.
I believe in Leprechauns.
I believe in fairies sitting on mushrooms.
I believe in elves sitting under toadstools,
Sheltering from the rain.

I believe in magic.
Not the sort of magic seen on stage.
But the sort of magic where witches dance around bubbling cauldrons,
Out in the woods, cackeling their potent spells.

I believe in angels.
The kind who sit on your shoulder and ward off evil spirits.
I believe in angels who are really the spirit of your favorite aunt,
Or a friend or relative who now guides your daily comings and goings.

I believe in peace, in honesty, in love.
I believe in kindness.
I believe that if enough of us return good for evil,
the world will be a better, kinder place.

But we do have to work for it,
and not expect them to do everything for us.

* * * * *
We can always dream,
Dreams, still, are free!