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Why do things grow and change?

We know about the sun and rain that provide heat and water for plants and trees. We know about the chemistry and physics that provide the environment which allows seeds and plants to grow. We see forests and verdant plains with their enormous trees and tiny plants and originally the herds of innumerable animals; we see the rocky vastnesses which provide habitation for intrepid little plants, and doughty animals; and we see the tremendous expanses of icy tundra with their particular brand of flora and fauna.

We know everything has adapted to their individual type of home environment.

But WHY?

We kind of know, or are learning more about, the How and the What. We are learning more about the When. But so far we haven’t discovered anything about the Why.

We are learning all sorts of exciting things about DNA, and the earth, what they are made of; how things operate and interact – the weather, the climate, oceans and volcanoes.

The various religions of the world have always tried to answer the questions we have about the great imponderables: Where we came from and How we got here, but most of them skirt the edges of Why.

So I am still left with the initial question: WHY?