Auctions, Country Life, Addiction

20190828  00103a  3 minutes


Sonia’s been to the auction!

What treasures has she brought home?


She didn’t know, when she signed the rental agreement

She’d have to pass it every day on the way home.

That’s not fair to an addict!

And the sign is outside on auction days.


“Public Auction Tonight.”

Who knows what treasures lie behind those doors?

What amazing items will be bought for next to nothing?

The preview only whets the appetite.


A good rule is “only buy it if you would pay full price.”

Never, ever buy unless you are sure you examined it first.

Know its real market price, don’t guess.

Only buy it if you can’t live without it.


Normally I try to buy the next day

But with auctions that’s not possible.

I like to chew on it overnight

To make sure I really want it.


With auctions, once the auctioneer starts the bidding

There’s no turning back.

Either you want it and bid

Or you sit on your hands, close your eyes, and don’t look.


That takes determination and will-power.

You want it but didn’t check it out.

Forever you will wonder, was it chipped or broken?

Was it too big or too small?


It is almost impossible to walk out with nothing.

The treasures, the “Oh, yes.  I could use that.”

Or, “That would be useful for her.”

Or, “She would love that, she has a collection.”


No.  It is not fair to have to pass that sign every week.

The only real answer to not being tempted

Is not to turn into the driveway for the preview.

Just keep your foot on the gas and don’t slow down.


It’s such fun hearing the gavel go down

And the words “Sold to Number 41,”

Knowing that you’ve beaten all the others

And the treasure is yours – until you check the box marked “41”


And realize you bid on the wrong item.