20191006 10049 2 minutes
Dragons, Poetry, Musings, Success/Failure

Dragons to slay!
Dragons to slay!
I’m in Dragon-slaying mode!

The sort that lurk in the recesses of my mind,
Ready to pounce on any unsuspecting thought,
To strangle it before it has a chance to live,
Throttle it before it morphs into a deed.

How to creep up on such dragons is the question.
Ambush them, before they can prevail.
They think being invisible they’re not vulnerable.
It’s obvious where they’ve been by what has failed.

I see patterns emerging from the past.
Discover them whenever I look back.
Project what damage they could do in future
‘N’ decide how I should change my tack.

“The Motive to Avoid Success” is what they call it.
Can win be more acceptable than loss?
We have excuses for when we don’t quite make it
Help others pretend that they’re not cross.

Success takes much more explanation.
How can I be permitted to succeed?
Failure has always been the expectation
I’m brainwashed to goof up any deed.

God is not demanding failure.
He does not want the shadows to encroach,
To prevent my best endeavors from succeeding
Which, until now, never stood a chance.

We have to gang up ‘gainst destructive critters
Support each other thru our personal woes.
Through divide and rule they think they’ll conquer
But united we’ll prevail ‘gainst the foe.

Together we’ll draw strength from each other
Slay the Beasts that shadow waking hours.
We’ll let the sunshine in before the fears begin
And finally negate subversive powers.