20180826 00102c 1 minute
Poetry, Dogs, Love

I wish I had a tail
So all the world could see
How wonderful I feel
When you are close to me.

Like my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
My tail would wag so hard
I’d wriggle and turn in circles
While telling all the world.

I’d dance around in circles
Standing up on my hind legs
Laughing while you’re near me
Hoping you’d be pleased

But maybe it’s a good thing
I cannot dance and play
To show much I love you
In such a doggie way

I’ll have to play a human
Just smile when you come near.
No circles, tail wagging,
Yip, yipping for all to hear.

Please understand I love you
Know what I want to say.
The sun comes out when you’re around
No matter how grey the day.