20190826 00102a 1-1/2 minutes
Time, Musings, Poetry

Time Past.
Into that bottomless file
Go all our yesterdays and todays.
Tomorrow will soon join them.
All experience: emotion, love, hate, and hope
Are gathered there.

The “now” that is the present portion of today
Is already past.
By the time we are conscious of now
It has flown by,
To join its fellows in our memory.

We cannot capture it,
Hold it for a brief second,
Then let it go.
It’s already gone.

This rainy day,
When hibernate is our preferred order of the day,
Has already mostly vanished in a dream.

To view events,
Once they are part of time past,
We see them through a veil.
They are no longer now,
No longer the vital present.

How we spend the now that is,
Or was, the present
Determines the next present,
What now still is the future.

“How ye sow, so shall ye reap.”
And on that depends
What will end up as Time Past.
All very confusing!

So think of how you use your “now.”
It may come back to haunt you
When you sit back and cogitate upon
Time Past.