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Medical, Memories, Pacemaker, Second Chance, Thank You,

He grabbed me,
Yelling and Screaming,
And hauled me back
From the trajectory of the bullet.

It was just a regular check-up appointment.
I felt fine.
I had taken the dogs up the mountain in the morning.

We were laughing about
My wonderful blood-work report,
Enjoying how well I was doing.

Then he checked my vital signs.

“You are not going home.
You are going to the hospital.
You need a pace-maker.”

“No. I have dogs at home.
I can’t go to the hospital.
How about tomorrow?
I’ll make arrangements for them.
I’ll drive them to my daughter.
Then I’ll come to the hospital.”

“Go to the hospital.

He gave me two pieces of paper to give them.
“They’ll know what to do with you.”

“But I feel fine.
Maybe a little tired.

He walked out.
He didn’t want to take the responsibility.

I could tell from his eyes
He wasn’t playing games.

I called my daughter.
She said she would catch the next train from the City
And get the dogs.
“If he said ‘Go to the hospital’
Go to the hospital.”

I walked to the car
And remembered I was wearing my ring.
I returned to his office
And left my jewelry with the nurse.

He told me later
That when she told him
He knew I was going to the hospital.
And that he was afraid, if I went home
I’d go to bed and forget to wake up.
My blood pressure was so slow.

Dr. Shah took care of me in the hospital.
Dr. Harrison implanted the pace-maker.

To my Triumvirate of saviours,
And all the nursing and support staff
at St. Luke’s:

Thank you for grabbing me,
An unwilling patient,
And shielding me from
The trajectory of the bullet –
For giving me a second chance.