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Looking your best is not a question of vanity.
It is not a question of showing off your most gorgeous clothes , or saying how much they cost.
It is not evidence of what good taste you have, how closely you follow the latest fashion or how new your clothes are.
When you look as if you have paid attention to your appearance it puts people who see you, at ease. It is like a compliment to them, as if you are saying: “I think you are worth taking trouble for.”
If you arrive looking like something the cat, or dog, dragged in, you are effectively saying: “I don’t care what you think. My time is too precious to spend it cleaning up for you. You don’t rate high enough for me to bother.”
It’s not the expensive clothes that matter, or the latest fashion. If you look “put together” it makes other people feel better and lets them relax. Everyone likes to see a pretty girl, or a handsome man, someone who looks nice, as if they care. Pretty and handsome are not necessarily something inherited, or God-given. Frequently it is how a person stands, how they carry themselves. Whether they look content with who they are.
When something frustrating or annoying happens, don’t get upset or mad. That won’t help you or the people around you. It will only use up energy unnecessarily. Instead, think, “If that is the worst thing that’s going to happen to me today, I’m pretty lucky.” It’ll make those around you feel much better than having to cope with your anger, which frequently is catching, like the flu
A smile doesn’t cost anything and can lighten up a person’s day, as well as their face. Have you ever noticed how it almost seems as if the sun has come out, when a previously depressed-looking person, suddenly smiles? Frowning uses more energy than smiling. Try wearing a big smile. It will not only make you feel better but also the people around you. Like a yawn, it can be catching. I’m always amazed at how much better people look when they smile. I frequently tell them, “You have such a pretty smile. You should try wearing it more often.?”.