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Musings Poetry Reality World

I woke up this morning in a comfy bed.
‘Spose that’s a plus.

My life is much better than most people’s,
At least 85% of the world – probably 95%.
But we all grumble and moan anyway.
It makes us feel better.
That way we don’t have to recognize our responsibility to everyone else.

So many affluent people in our wonderful country
Think they have it hard.
They don’t know what hard means.

How have we gotten so far from reality?
So far from the real world?

The TV game-shows, so superficial,
Where contestants vie for prizes
Donated by advertisers with no morals.

The outrageous unequal distribution of resources
The heartless wielding of power by our chosen representatives
Who respond only to their own advancement
Through handouts from power-hungry lobbyists
Who work for corporate behomeths that
Bestride the world like Brutus’s Caesar,
Oblivious to the needs of their constituents or customers.
All these buffer us from reality.

I woke up this morning,
But what sort of world have we achieved to wake up into?
Is waking up really a plus?