20191001 001043 1-1/2 minutes
Gremlins, Computer, Frustration

There are Gremlins hanging out in my computer
My Boss just doesn’t understand at all.
He thinks Operator Error is what the Gremlins have achieved,
Which leaves me angry, frustrated and peeved.

He doesn’t believe how formulae can multiply,
A page of work vanish into the blue.
How a line repeated twice can reproduce the answer thrice
And evaporate all that should ensue.

Or how correctly entered data,
Which saved, ‘n’ printed ‘n’ properly closed down,
When the morrow comes around, is nowhere to be found,
As if yesterday did not exist at all.

The Gremlins’ pride is only in the problems
They devise to cause the utmost dire distress,
They carefully plan their projects thus ensuring
My work conditions produce the most duress.

They really know they will not win for ever,
Their games, frustrating, have a finite life.
They only can succeed if allowed to multiply and breed
But my Boss will not allow them that success.