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Weather, Country living, Seasons, Winter, Snow, Big Book

It’s snowing.
No, it’s raining.
Oh, look! There’s the sun!
Where’s the rainbow?

Last week it didn’t break freezing –
Last night it didn’t go below 45!
Today it’s 60.
Let’s face it: it can’t make up it’s mind.

A couple of weeks’ ago I was housebound:
They didn’t plow me,
So the snow waited,
From the Monday storm till Friday.

Then I decided if I was to
Venture out on Saturday,
I’d better get out there with my trusty shovel
At least to make tire tracks thru the snow.

Of course, when I returned on Sunday
There wasn’t a trace of white anywhere!
Now, with one week of April already gone,
I’m planning to retire the snow shovels till next fall.

Just as long as I don’t have to shovel it
I’ll take it – and try not to grumble.

Did I say a week of April has already gone?
That means a quarter of the year is on the history books.
Where did it go?
And what have I accomplished?

By now I expected to have the big book finished –
Or at least the research done.
All I’ve done so far is read half a book,
And come up with a new formatting scheme,
And start implementing it.

Trouble is, about thirty pages are done so far,
Which leaves another 535 to do!
I really hoped to get it off my desk this year –
Do I still have even a snowball’s chance in Hell?
And how about the other five volumes I still have to do?

Did you see the Channel 13 program this week
Which showed a man of 101 years old
Finishing a Marathon?
He didn’t start running Marathons until he was 80.
Maybe I should find out more about his diet!