"My Snippets" Index and Excerpts




Wrinkles are encroaching,
I don't approve at all.
Hair is losing color
Much too fast.

I used to have a calendar,
Page a day, you know the sort.
Even year-at-a-glance now
Doesn't seem too short.


The Men and Machines of Winter

Dedicated to all those fearless "highway men" who have cleared the snow and released me from my snowy prisons in Armonk, Cherry Valley, after the blizzard of '93, Montgomery, Florida, Middletown and Walker Valley, all in New York State. Thank you.

The men and machines of winter
Are handsome and rugged and bold.
The storms and the snow do not scare them
They go out in darkness and cold.


A Christmas I'll NEVER Forget

When I asked Richard, my brother, if he remembered the Christmas of 1947, he said: "Was that the Christmas of the fairy lights?" He had not forgotten either. We were on vacation the day World War II was declared in England in 1939, staying at the beautiful tiny pub in the little village where my parents had been given a field by the river, as a wedding present, by friends of the family. My father returned to London that night, telling my mother to stay with my brother and me to finish the vacation � one never knew when there would be another opportunity. The next evening she tried to call him and finally tracked him down at my grandmother's.


Staying in bed on a Snowy Sunday

With apologies

What day this is I think I know
But the driveway's white and thick with snow.
I should be up and leaving soon
To say my prayers and sing a tune.


Richard 1

But he's invincible.
He�s my brother.

"In hospital" his wife said.
Mistaken identity.
"A cerebral hemorrhage"
She's talking about someone else.



With apologies to Rose Fyleman

There are Gremlins hanging out in my computer
My Boss just doesn�t understand at all.
He thinks Operator Error
Is what the Gremlins have achieved,
Which leaves me angry, frustrated and peeved.